Ross Carr Jewellery Designs

Not your typical jewellery artisans and with nearly three decades of combined experience, Ross Carr Jewellery Designs offers you unique recycled one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery—all with a history to tell.

Not only is everything made with our hands, but we also recycle and supply the history and knowledge of each piece we create. Extensive research goes into our work in relation to origin and date of the material we use. This information is then passed onto our customers, who are left with a piece of history as well as a piece of wearable art.

Kristin Ross utilizes antique buttons in her collections. For the finished products, PMC (precious metal clay bronze) techniques and tools are used along with torches, files, rollers, rubber moulds, sanders, grinders, hand saws, hammers, forming plates and a kiln.

Lynda Carr uses vintage materials such as serving trays, candy dishes, teapots, casseroles and more as her medium. As a trained silversmith, varied techniques are utilized alongside different equipment and tools, including hand saws, bench shears, files, torches, forming blocks, disc cutters, sanding equipment, rolling mills and polishing machines. All pieces are one of a kind and finished off with sterling silver components. Most of the material is in excess of 100 years old, and the back of the packaging outlines what the piece was in its former life.

Our studios are overflowing with both our creations as well as our joint collaboration – recycled hardware – designed and created all by hand. Scouring antique markets, we sourced unique damaged chandeliers and drawer hardware to complete this jewellery line.

We are the jewellery “picker sisters”—makers, historians and eco-friendly designers.

We are…